Data Basin is a science-based mapping and analysis platform that supports learning, research, and sustainable environmental stewardship.
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  • Create custom visualizations, drawings, & analyses
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  • Publish datasets, maps, & galleries
  • Develop decision-support and custom tools
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Data Basin is used by over 13000 scientists, natural resource practitioners, students & educators, and interested citizens from diverse sectors and geographies.
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Delivering Usable Climate Change Information to Sagebrush Managers

Climate change is adding uncertainty to the long-term effectiveness of current land management strategies. Information is needed to adjust these strategies for projected increased climate variability, longer droughts, more intense rainfall events, warmer summers, reduced water provision and ...

DRECP Climate Console Guide and Case Study

The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) Climate Console is a user friendly web based mapping application designed to allow users to explore climate projections to better understand how climate change could ...

California Condor: Soaring Again in the Western Skies

The California condor is returning from the edge of extinction to once again soaring the skies over southern California.

This is its story...

The California condor (Gymnogyps californianus), with a wingspan of 9.5 feet and weighing up to 25 pounds, is the largest land bird in ...

Sea Level Rise (SLR) Data Platform

The Sea Level Rise (SLR) Portal provides a series of technical tools and future scenarios to support the practical understanding of coastal impacts and changing landscapes in the Gulf of Mexico region. Global climate change and its effects on sea level ...

Conservation Easements in Colorado’s Front Range

Biodiversity in the Colorado Front Range is a critical component for the sustainable development of the region (Chivian and Bernstein, 2010; Pague, et. al, 1996; Pague, et. al, 1993). Modern land conservation efforts, which are often a result of donated gifts or opportunistic purchases, risk ...

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With the Data Basin full-screen mapping tools, you can:

  • View and analyze geospatial conservation data
  • Collaborate with colleagues using sharing and commenting tools
  • Generate custom analyses and summary reports of your data
  • And much more...

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Gateways are unique spaces for finding curated spatial data. They build upon the existing Data Basin framework and are customized to meet the needs of a target audience. Customizations can include custom mapping and analysis tools.

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