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Data Basin is used by interested citizens, students & educators, natural resource practitioners, and scientists from diverse sectors and geographies.
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Sea Level Rise (SLR) Data Platform

The Sea Level Rise (SLR) Portal provides a series of technical tools and future scenarios to support the practical understanding of coastal impacts and changing landscapes in the Gulf of Mexico region. Global climate change and its effects on sea level ...

Conservation Easements in Colorado’s Front Range

Biodiversity in the Colorado Front Range is a critical component for the sustainable development of the region (Chivian and Bernstein, 2010; Pague, et. al, 1996; Pague, et. al, 1993). Modern land conservation efforts, which are often a result of donated gifts or opportunistic purchases, risk ...

California Communities Environmental Health Screening Tool (CalEnviroScreen) 1.0 and 1.1

CalEnviroScreen is a screening methodology and spatial dataset that can be used to help identify California communities that are disproportionately burdened by environmental pollution.

Many Californians live in the midst of multiple sources of pollution. Physical, biological and chemical ...

Land Facets for Conservation Planning

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Future climate change will cause species to shift their distributions across,

Colorado River

A scenario of 20% reduction in annual Colorado River flow by 2057 due to climate change results in a near tenfold increase in the probability of annual reservoir depletion by 2057. Flexibility in current management practices could mitigate some of the increased risk due to ...

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We are pleased to announce that our new map page is now available for you to use. It now includes:

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Gateways are unique spaces for finding curated spatial data. They build upon the existing Data Basin framework and are customized to meet the needs of a target audience. Customizations can include custom mapping and analysis tools.

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