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Aaron Ruesch

Research Scientist with Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
Member since: May 4, 2011 (last logged in Mar 31, 2013)
Aaron Ruesch
In general, Aaron is interested in geography. His work ranges across a variety of themes—drivers of agricultural expansion in the tropics, broad-scale climate-driven faunal range shifts in the Western Hemisphere, impacts of warming stream temperature on cold-water fishes—but maintains a focus on modeling complex spatiotemporal patterns in nature. He currently works as a scientist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources researching sensitivities of fishes of Wisconsin to altered streamflow regimes and barriers to dispersal, and developing tools for estimating pollutant transport through Wisconsin streams. Aaron earned a B.S. degree at the University of Wisconsin—Madison Department of Geography in Cartography and GIS and an M.S. at the School of Forest and Environmental Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Level of Education:
Years of experience:
11 - 20 years
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