PAD Aviation - Alaska and Hawaii

Jul 16, 2010 (Last modified Aug 13, 2010)
The Protected Areas Database-Aviation (PAD-Aviation) is a subset of the more comprehensive PAD-US v1.1 (CBI Edition). In cooperation with the US Air Force, other military branches, defense contractors, and protected areas specialist PAD-Aviation was tailored to include designations identified as sensitive or potentially sensitive to aircraft over-flight. Avoidance of airspace over various sensitive areas (including many designated protected areas) is mandated by public law, including Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and Department of Defense (DoD) Service Branch regulations. Until now, aviators used a variety of sources to help them identify these areas. Sectional charts, Flight Information Publications (FLIP), Notice to Airman (NOTAMS), and the Managed Areas Database (MAD) are among the resources available to aviators for pre-flight planning and in-flight avoidance. Because of the cumbersome nature of this approach and the lack of a national standard, numerous errors have been made resulting in civil and fiscal penalties and numerous public complaints.
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Title: PAD Aviation - Alaska and Hawaii
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Publication Date: July 15, 2010
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