Opportunities for conservation of and habitat management for the Canada Warbler in the Atlantic Northern Forest of Canada

Dec 14, 2017
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This map includes results of a number of scenarios for the conservation and management of the Canada Warbler in the Atlantic Northern Forest of Canada. We incorporated expert opinions from surveyed professionals about habitat use, dispersal distance, and minimum habitat patch size for the Canada Warbler, we used the spatial prioritization program Zonation to locate priority areas for Canada Warbler conservation and management.

Each dataset represents a scenario for conservation or management of this species under various climate and forestry scenarios. These scenarios are described in the accompanying report and supporting academic papers, available at http://www.borealbirds.ca/index.php/species-at-risk.

Coding scripts for modelling are available on GitHub. We encourage users to download the complementary habitat guidelines for Canada Warbler habitat management in the Atlantic Northern Forest.
Dr. Alana Westwood
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