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Founded October 2010, Gregory Kehm Associates partners with organizations, governments and small business enterprises to support community-based decision making for watershed planning and natural resource management. Throughout our work we seek to integrate climate change adaptation strategies.

Key services include:

• Landscape and watershed planning; implementation strategies
• Community assessments linking climate change adaptation and watershed planning
• Community-based processes for natural resource management and policies
• Knowledge systems development; including spatial analysis, GIS and cartography
• Local cultural knowledge collection

Select projects:
* “Providing a Regional Connectivity Perspective to Local Connectivity Conservation Decisions in the British Columbia–Washington Transboundary Region: Okanagan-Kettle Subregion Connectivity Assessment”. Transboundary Working Group. 2016.

* Greater Discovery Islands Enduring Features and Fragmentation Analysis. Surge Narrows Community Association. 2015

*Watershed fragmentation and landscape intactness. Okanagan Nation Alliance. 2015-2016

* “Mapping Twenty Years of Progress: The Yellowstone to Yukon 20th Anniversary”. Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. 2014

* Title and Rights Strategy: Lower Similkameen Indian Band, Keremeos, BC 2013

* Greater Similkameen Watershed: Human Linear Fragmentation Review and Analysis. 2013

* “Conservation and Adaptation in British Columbia: Strategic Opportunities in a Climate Changing World”. In collaboration with Dr. Rachel Holt and Dr. Ken Lurtzman. Supported by Wilburforce Foundation and TIDES Canada Foundation.

* “Muskwa-Kechika Management Area Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change Assessment”. For the M-K Management Area Advisory Board in collaboration with Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – BC Chapter, and Dr. Jim Pojar. 2012.

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