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Aquatic/Landscape Ecologist with Conservation Biology Institute
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Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey

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Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey is an aquatic/landscape ecologist with more than 15 years of Federal, State, and educational natural resource experience. His experience includes aquatic and terrestrial species habitat survey and inventory, invasive-species monitoring, natural resource impact analyses, public outreach awareness projects, stream restoration, road/culvert planning, design and implementation, geographic information systems (GIS) and publication in peer-reviewed journals.

While Jeremiah’s research has focused primarily on fish and aquatic communities, he has worked with a variety of organisms including amphibians, mollusks, ungulates, cougar and lynx, owls, songbirds, voles, plants and fungi. Consequently, he has conducted research in a variety of systems including terrestrial, aquatic (freshwater, marine, estuarine), arboreal, desert, sagebrush steppe, subalpine, coastal and montane, and with ubiquitous, sensitive, native and introduced species.

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