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The purpose of the Blueprint is to provide a public data platform and common language to support in depth conversations and decisions about our shared aspirations. This collaborative project aims to describe the current landscape, natural resources, and community values about land in Santa Barbara County. Creating the Blueprint is a two-part process:
  • Data collection to create an easy-to-use online interactive Atlas that allows users to view and analyze spatial data about resources and land uses in the County. This process will produce maps broken up by five resource themes: water, agricultural and ranch lands, flora and fauna, climate, and community and the land.
  • Community values discovery to better understand what these maps tell us, our collective thinking about the land, and what resources and assets are particularly important to keeping Santa Barbara County a beautiful, desirable and healthy place to live and work. Key maps and learning from this second part of the process will be presented through the Blueprint Report and website in 2017.
Once the Blueprint is completed, the Atlas and Report will serve as tools to inform conservation practitioners, including project sponsors, as they develop their strategic plans and conservation efforts. It will also be a valuable resource to the community members as they discuss a broad range of conservation and resource management issues.
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