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Cara brings over 10 years of experience conducting research on migratory bird populations. She has worked in various ecosystems including Chihuahuan Desert shrublands, Eastern shrublands and forests, and west Mexican Dry tropical forest. She earned a B.S. in Biology from Northern Illinois University and then an M.S. in Wildlife Sciences from New Mexico State University. Her Ph.D. research at the University of Missouri - Columbia focused on territory settlement, habitat quality and demographics of a migratory shrubland breeding songbird, the Bell's Vireo. She has also been working with Bell's Vireos on their wintering grounds in Jalisco, Mexico since 2009. After receiving her doctorate she spent a year as a postdoc for the Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project where she began investigating responses of forest and shrubland breeding birds to stand level forest structure. She then moved on to a postdoc for the University of Massachusetts - Amherst where her research focused on shrubland breeding birds throughout the eastern US. Cara grew up in a small town in central Illinois and in her spare time she enjoys, travel, birding, hiking, running and watercolor painting.
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