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Sr. Environmental Associate The Conservation Fund
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Sum - Conservation Focus Areas (2016)

Sum of all conservation focus areas (CFA) for a particular area (UPDATED TO INCLUDE CONSERVATION PRIORITIES DELINEATED IN LATEST STATE WILDLIFE ACTION PLANS (ca. 2015/2016)). These focus areas include both those delineated at the state scale as well as regionally. States focus areas are included for all states in the Mississippi River Basin that have delineated focus/opportunity areas. States...

American Bird Conservancy - Corridors and Key Bird Habitat Areas American Bird Conservancy - ESA Critical Bird Habitat American Bird Conservancy - Globally Significant Important Bird Areas Audubon Important Bird Areas Bobwhite Conservation Initiative - BRI Ducks Unlimited - Land Acquisition/Easement Focus Areas Ducks Unlimited - Landscape Conservation Priority Areas Grassland Priority Conservation Areas (CEC) Important Forest Resource Areas (IA/IL/IN/MN/MO/WI) LMVJV Louisiana-Mississippi Conservation Delivery Network Focus Areas Nature Conservancy - Ecoregional Rollup NRCS - Driftless Area Initiative NRCS - Gulf of Mexico Initiative NRCS - Illinois River Sub-Basin and Eucha-Spavinaw Lake Watershed Initiative NRCS - Longleaf Pine Initiative NRCS - Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative NRCS - Northern Plains Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative NRCS - Ogallala Aquifer Initiative NRCS - Prairie Pothole Wetland and Grassland Retention Project NRCS - Targeted Honeybee Effort NRCS - Targeted Monarch Butterfly Effort NRCS - USFS Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership (2015) NRCS RCPP Critical Conservation Area - Longleaf Pine NRCS RCPP Critical Conservation Area - Miss. River Basin NRCS RCPP Critical Conservation Area - Prairie Grasslands NRCS Working Lands for Wildlife - Species Focal Areas Rainwater Basin Joint Venture Priority Wetlands UMRGLR JV - Openland Breeding Bird Habitat Priorities UMRGLR JV - Wetland Breeding Bird Habitat Priorities UMRGLR JV - Woodland Breeding Bird Habitat Priorities USFWS Critical Habitat - Line USFWS Critical Habitat - Poly USFWS Region 3 Partners for Fish and Wildlife Focus Areas

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