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Analyzing and interpreting spatial information.

Conservation Easements in Colorado’s Front Range

A GIS-Based Assessment to Determine the Extent Conservation Easements Protect Biodiversity

Biodiversity in the Colorado Front Range is a critical component for the sustainable development of the region (Chivian and Bernstein, 2010; Pague, et. al, 1996; Pague, et. al, 1993). Conservation easements (CEs) are one tool used by non-profit groups and government agencies to protect biodiversity. However, establishing CEs is, at times, unpredictable (Axel-Lute, 1999). They are often a result of donated gifts or opportunistic purchases. Therefore, they can lack long-term strategic planning to protect biodiversity (Whittaker, 1999; Daniels and Daniels, 2003). This project used a GIS-based...