Tahoe sucker (Catostomus tahoensis) distribution and status by HUC8

Jul 27, 2011 (Last modified Jun 16, 2020)
Decker, L.M., 1989. Coexistence of two species of sucker, Catostomus, in Sagehen Creek, California, and notes on their status in the western Lahontan Basin. The Great Basin Naturalist 49(4):540-551.

Marrin, D.L., 1983. Ontogenetic changes and intraspecific resource partitioning in the Tahoe sucker, Catostomus tahoensis. Environmental Biology of Fishes, 8(1):39-47.

Vondracek, B., Cech, J.J. and Buddington, R.K., 1989. Growth, growth efficiency, and assimilation efficiency of the Tahoe sucker in cyclic and constant temperature. Environmental biology of fishes, 24(2):151-156.
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Mexico fish distributions from Freshwater Fishes of Mexico (Miller and Minckley 2006)
US fish distributions from each state's respective fish agency
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