Sensitive soil index for the North Pacific and California Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Jun 27, 2014 (Last modified Jun 20, 2015)
What is soil sensitivty? 
Soil sensitivity is a measure of a soil's ability to endure or recover from a disturbance. Soils declared "sensitive" may have characteristics that make them more susceptible to the impacts of climate change, fire or human disturbances. 

 Why do we care? 
Sensitive soils may be more suscepible to impacts and more difficult to restore following a disurbance. Therefore, it is important to identify these soils and prepare mitigation strategies to maintain soil stability and productivity. 

What can we do about it? 
Consider the potential impacts of any activities to take place on sensitive soils. Use strategies to reduce erosion and maintain soil productivity. Consult experts and best management practices for the specific site and disturbance regime. Make restoration and reclamation plans in case soils are negatively impacted.
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