Comparing Land Facet Methodologies in Willamette Valley

Dec 20, 2012
Uploaded by Jennifer McGuire

These layers each depict one suite of methodological choices for designating land facets. Scroll through them to see how different choices affect land facet patterns.

Methodological choices:

Resolution: 1km or 270m

Categorization approach:
  • Categorical overlay- each variable is categorized into ecologically meaningful classes.  Land facets are created from unique combinations of those classes. 
  • K-means clustering- an algorithm clusters the continuous variables into a designated number of facets. The Hartigan index was used to identify the optimal number of facets.  
  • Hybrid approach- a combination of the categorical overlay and a clustering method. Topographic data were categorized, and within each topographic class all other variables were clustered using a fuzzy c-means algorithm
Variable selection:
  • Topographic variables
    • Elevation
    • Slope
  • Soil variables
    • organic matter
    • bulk density
    • soil horizon depth
    • accumulated water content
  • Geology (categorized into 9 types of geological groupings after Anderson)
Normalization: variables normalized (where necessary) within ecoregion or across 14 NW ecoregions
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Carrie Schloss
Jenny McGuire
Joshua Lawler
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