National Inventoried Roadless Areas

Feb 26, 2013 (Last modified Apr 12, 2019)
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A map service, available on the www, that depicts the Inventoried Roadless Areas that were used in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule. The EIS analysis team used this spatial data to assess the impacts of roadless area alternatives on Forest Service policies, use of the National Forests, and the surrounding environment. It was used for analysis in combination with national characterization layers, such as ambient human population, forest mortality risk to insects and diseases, current land cover types, and others. The data includes the entire lower 48 states and Alaska at a coarse resolution. The public also had a need to know where IRAs were located in their area and across the nation. For more information visit

Areas are symbolized based on categories for the Inventoried Roadless Areas: "Inventoried Roadless Areas where road construction and reconstruction is not prohibited", "Inventoried Roadless Areas where road construction and reconstruction is prohibited", and "Inventoried Roadless Areas that are recommended for wilderness designation in the forest plan and where road construction and reconstruction is prohibited".
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