CPAD+ nodes in the Mayacamas to Berryessa (M2B) study area

Nov 22, 2017 (Last modified Sep 26, 2019)
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A database of protected areas (>50 acres in size) comprised of lands owned in fee and protected for open space purposes from the California Protected Area Database (CPAD; as well as additional properties managed by participating stakeholders. In this report, the protected area database (CPAD+) is a combination of CPAD listings that are greater than 50 acres in size and additional properties of interest managed by participating stakeholders.

The California Protected Areas Database (CPAD) contains data on lands owned in fee by governments, non-profits and some private entities that are protected for open space purposes. Data includes all such areas in California, from small urban parks to large national parks and forests, mostly aligned to assessor parcel boundaries. Data is collected by Holdings (parcels) which are aggregated to Units (commonly named areas within a county) and Super Units (commonly named areas generally).

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The Mayacamas to Berryessa (M2B) Connectivity Network is a project funded by the California Landscape Conservation Partnership to Pepperwood Foundation. Key contributors include Morgan Gray, Adina Merenlender, Lisa Micheli, and the M2B steering committee.
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Gray M., L. Micheli, A.M. Merenlender. 2018. Methodology for building habitat connectivity for climate adaptation: Mayacamas to Berryessa Connectivity Network (M2B). A technical report by the Dwight Center for Conservation Science at Pepperwood, Santa Rosa CA. 51 pp. PDF
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Pepperwood Foundation
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