TNC Freshwater Portfolio Extracted for the Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana

Jan 21, 2014 (Last modified Apr 3, 2014)
Uploaded by Emily Granstaff
This dataset is a compilation of freshwater conservation areas identified in TNC conservation ecoregional assessments. The purpose of the compilation was to standardize the representation of the conservation areas for freshwater areas within Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.
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Ryan Smith (TNC-TX), Jim Bergan (TNC-LA)
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not specified
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The Nature Conservancy - Texas Chapter
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
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Emily Granstaff
SARP Cartographer with SARP/USFWS

I work with the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership to support the development of regional aquatic habitat assessments and restoration projects in the Southeastern US.