SARP River Basin Area Size Classification

Dec 17, 2013 (Last modified Jan 15, 2014)
Uploaded by Emily Granstaff
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Ecologically relevant river size classes for NHDPlus v1 flowlines in the 14 state SARP region.  Size class was determined for each river flowline using the cumulative drainage area from NHDPlus v1 dataset.  The data are scaled to show the largest rivers at the regional scale.  Zoom into the map for smaller rivers, creeks, and headwaters. 

For more information about how this attribute was developed by the Southern Instream Flow Network (SIFN), go to

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Arlene Oliverio (TNC), Mark Smith (TNC), Mary Davis (SARP), Emily Granstaff  (SARP/USFWS)
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Sheldon, A. O. and Anderson, M. A.  2013. SARP River Basin Area Size Classification.  These data were produced as part of a river classification project for the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) with funding from the South Atlantic Landscape Conservation  Cooperative.  The Nature Conservancy, Eastern Conservation Science.  Eastern Resource Office.  Boston, MA.
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The Nature Conservancy under contract to the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP)
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Emily Granstaff
SARP Cartographer with SARP/USFWS

I work with the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership to support the development of regional aquatic habitat assessments and restoration projects in the Southeastern US.