Draft - Potential distrbution of Orangethroat darter (Etheostoma spectabile)

Jan 6, 2014 (Last modified Jan 13, 2014)
Uploaded by Emily Granstaff
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Potential distrbution of Orangethroat darter (Etheostoma spectabile) in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.   NHDplus segments are coded for the likelihood of the Orangethroat darter being present.  The likelihood is based on the SARP river size class and Omernik Ecoregion Level III where this fish was found by state fish community sampling efforts.  The fish sampling data can be downloaded from the Multistate Aquatic Resources Information System (www.marisdata.org).

This fish species is thought to be sensitive to alterations in the flow regime.  Flow-ecology hypotheses have been developed for this fish species by members of the GCP LCC Flow-Ecology Hypothesis Committee.  For more information, go to www.southeastaquatics.net/programs/sifn/instream flow resources/.

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Mary Davis (SARP/SINF), Melanie Kaeser (SARP contractor), and Emily Granstaff (USFWS/SARP)
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Southeastern Aquatics Resources Partnership (SARP)
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Emily Granstaff
SARP Cartographer with SARP/USFWS

I work with the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership to support the development of regional aquatic habitat assessments and restoration projects in the Southeastern US.