Number of Seagrass Species by Marine Ecoregion

Nov 8, 2011 (Last modified Jan 13, 2016)
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Number of seagrass species, by marine ecoregion.

We extracted seagrasses from version 2.0 of the global polygon and point data set that was compiled by UNEP-WCMC in 2005 (for more information about the source data set, e-mail These same data were originally published in the World Atlas of Seagrasses (Green and Short 2003; see, in particular, the chapter by Spalding et al. 2003). The source data for the habitat map were a mix of point and polygon information gathered from a major literature review as well as from national-level mapping programs. We developed the species diversity map from range maps drawn for fifty-five species. The four species from the genus Ruppia were not mapped because these are not always reported and are often found outside seagrass habitat.

These data were derived by The Nature Conservancy, and were displayed in a map published in The Atlas of Global Conservation (Hoekstra et al., University of California Press, 2010). More information at

Data derived from:
Green E. P., and F. T. Short. 2003. World Atlas of Seagrasses. Berkeley: University of California Press.

UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC). 2005. Data on extent and location of seagrass beds, v.2.0. Cambridge: Author. Digital media.
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The Nature Conservancy
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Hoekstra, J. M., J. L. Molnar, M. Jennings, C. Revenga, M. D. Spalding, T. M. Boucher, J. C. Robertson, T. J. Heibel, with K. Ellison. 2010. The Atlas of Global Conservation: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities to Make a Difference. Ed. J. L. Molnar. Berkeley: University of California Press.
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The Nature Conservancy
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