Pacific Northwest Riparian Climate Corridors: scores attributed to HUC-6 watersheds

Apr 13, 2015 (Last modified Aug 22, 2017)
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These layers were produced as part of the WGA/LCC Riparian Mapping Project, which identified riparian location, condition, and climate adaptation potential, for the Pacific Northwest, USA. These layers identify potential riparian areas (i.e., near-stream valley bottoms; Theobald et al. 2013) that span large temperature gradients, have high canopy cover, low solar insolation, and low levels of human modification – characteristics expected to facilitate climate-induced species range shifts and provide micro-climatic refugia from warming. Detailed description of the project rationale, methods, and resulting layers may be found in Krosby et al. (2014). References: Krosby, M., Norheim, R., Theobald, D. M., and B. H. McRae. 2014. Riparian Climate-Corridors: Identifying priority areas for conservation in a changing climate. Theobald, D. M., Mueller, D., and J. Norman. 2013. Detailed datasets on riparian and valley-bottom attributes and condition for the Great Northern and Northern Pacific LCC (WRR17).
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