Biodiversity of Mammals

Feb 21, 2014 (Last modified Jan 24, 2020)
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Maps of mammal diversity include the total species richness, major taxonomic Orders (Cetartiodactyla,Carnivora, Primates, Eulipotyphla, Chiroptera, Rodentia), threatened species, and small-ranged species. Species considered small-ranged are those with a geographic range size smaller than the global median (i.e., the 50% of species with the smallest ranges). Maps are based on data from the IUCN, July 2013 update.

For mammals, all of the maps have been generated at a spatial resolution of 10x10km. Maps represent native, extant species only. Tables of the mammal species included are available for download (
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Jenkins, CN, SL Pimm, LN Joppa

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July 2013 update
Jenkins, CN, SL Pimm, LN Joppa (2013) Global Patterns of Terrestrial Vertebrate Diversity and Conservation. PNAS 110(28): E2602-E2610. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1302251110
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