Landscape Resistance to Terrestrial Species Movement (90 m)

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The resistance surface is the basis for the landscape permeability analysis and has a great deal of influence on the final terrestrial landscape resilience scores. As such, great pains were taken to make this dataset as reflective of actual ground condition as possible. Each dataset used was evaluated at several locations, and multiple draft versions of the resistance surface were produced until reviewers were satisfied with the data.Each cell has been assigned a value, or weighting, representing it's hardness/ impermeability to species movement and ecological flows. Higher values are more difficult to cross, while lower values are easier. Natural lands are assigned a value of 1, meaning the cost to move across the pixel is equal to the euclidean distance, allowing relatively free flow of ecological processes at that location. A full description of the development of this surface can be found in the report , "Conserving Nature's Stage: Identifying Resilient Terrestrial Landscapes in the Pacfic Northwest."
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