Bald Eagle Nest Sites

Feb 3, 2011 (Last modified Oct 5, 2011)
BaldEagleNestSites is an ESRI SDE Feature Class showing a 0.5 mile buffer zone around active, inactive, and unknown Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) nests in Colorado. Refer to the metadata for the Status attribute field for activity definitions (the metadata Stylesheet must be changed to FGDC to view).

This information was derived from field personnel. A variety of data capture techniques were used including drawing on mylar overlays at 1:50,000 scale USGS county mapsheets and implementation of the SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard using stand-up, real-time digitizing at various scales (Cowardin, M., M. Flenner. March 2003. Maximizing Mapping Resources. GeoWorld 16(3):32-35).

Dataset was acquired from a third party distributor who obtained it from CDOW in January 2011.  The authoritative data source is available on ( and will be updated from that location.
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This wildlife distribution map is a product and property of Colorado Division of Wildlife, a division of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. Care should be taken in interpreting these data. Written documents may accompany this map and should be referenced. The information portrayed on these maps should not replace field studies necessary for more localized planning efforts. The data are gathered at a variety of scales; discrepancies may become apparent at larger scales. The areas portrayed here are graphic representations of phenomena that are difficult to reduce to two dimensions. Animal distributions are fluid; animal populations and their habitats are dynamic.
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