Number of Large Dams Planned or Under Construction by Country

Apr 7, 2014 (Last modified Jan 13, 2016)
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The Planned dams by basin map was created by compiling information from multiple sources including, the International Journal of Hydropower and Dams, the World Resources Institute, contacts at national ministries, Google Earth and web and literature searches. Because information on the location of dams is confidential in many countries, data are not available for many regions of the world. Some countries like Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China and the U.S. have either publically available information on planned dams or data are available upon request from government agencies and international institutions. Yet for other countries data are hard to come by. This map therefore, presents information on large dams that are planned or under construction for those countries and regions for which information was available. All dams are more than 15m in height and most are planned for hydropower use. A "Planned Dam" is defined as a dam currently undergoing the process to be built (including feasibility studies, approvals, planning, etc.), or is under construction already. All other dams that are either complete or merely potential sites for construction and are not included in this map. Data from TNC (The Nature Conservancy) 2009. Planned dams and dams under construction dataset. Unpublished. The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, Virginia, USA.
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