Risk of Flow Alteration from Local Surface Water Use in Texas and Oklahoma (VERSION 2)

Jan 4, 2014 (Last modified Jan 20, 2014)
Uploaded by Emily Granstaff
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The SARP Flow Alteration Assessment provides a regional characterization of the distribution and risk of flow regime impairment of streams and rivers by anthropogenic sources at the NHD+ segment scale. This map illustrates the local risk of flow alteration (RFA) from surface water use by water use sector for Texas and Oklahoma.  Water use is based on state permits for surface water withdrawals and returns.  The risk is based on the volume of water used monthly in the drainage area relative to the monthly volume of flow.
Risk  of Flow Alteration categories:
  ZERO      - 0% mean monthly flow depletion, 
  LOW       - > 0-10%, 
  MEDIUM - > 10-20%,
  HIGH       - >20-100%, and
  PROVISIONAL HIGH – >100%, local review of data is required.
The map is scaled to illustrate larger rivers at the regional scale.  Zoom in to add small and medium rivers at the state scale and all streams and rivers at the county scale.
The Flow Alteration Assessment was developed in collaboration with regional aquatic ecologists from the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast Prairie LCCs.  For more information about the risk of flow alteration assessment and how this map was developed for the Southern Instream Flow Network (SIFN), go to the SIFN Instream Flow Resources web page.
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Note:  Thermopower water use in Texas is reported as Industrial water use.
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Mary Davis (SARP/SIFN), Blair Tirpak (USGS/GCP LCC)), Emily Granstaff (USFWS/SARP), Analie Barnett (TNC), and Erik Martin (TNC).
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Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership. 2014. Risk of Flow Alteration from Surface Water Use within the Local catchment.  Dataset produced for the Southern Instream Flow Network with funding from the Gulf Coast Prairie and South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.  www.southeastaquatics.net/programs/sifn/. 

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Southeastern Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP)
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Mary Davis (SARP/SIFN), Blair Tirpak (USGS/GCP LCC)), Emily Granstaff (USFWS/SARP), Analie Barnett (TNC), and Erik Martin (TNC).
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Emily Granstaff
SARP Cartographer with SARP/USFWS

I work with the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership to support the development of regional aquatic habitat assessments and restoration projects in the Southeastern US.