California Natural Resource Project Inventory (NRPI)

Feb 28, 2011 (Last modified May 12, 2011)
A Collaborative Effort between the California Biodiversity Council and the University of California at Davis Information Center for the Environment. The signatories of the California Biodiversity Council joined forces to gather information on thousands of conservation, mitigation and restoration projects being developed and implemented throughout California. The result, the Natural Resource Project Inventory (NRPI), has become a comprehensive electronic database searchable on the Internet. NRPI is an expansion of previous inventories including 1) the Watershed Projects Inventory (WPI), 2) the California Ecological Restoration Projects Inventory (CERPI), and 3) the California Noxious Weed Control Projects Inventory.

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California Resources Agency, Legacy Project
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The State of California and the Resources Agency make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of data or maps. The user will not seek to hold the State or the Agency liable under any circumstances for any damages with respect to any claim by the user or any third party on account of or arising from the use of data or maps. The user will cite the Resource Agency and/or the appropriate Department within the Agency as the original source of the data, but will clearly denote cases where the original data have been updated, modified, or in any way altered from the original condition. There are no restrictions on distribution of the data by users. However, users are encouraged to refer others to the California Digital Conservation Atlas, the California Spatial Information Library or the California Environmental Information Catalog, in case updated data become available.
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