Gulf of Mexico Oil Drilling Platforms

Jun 16, 2010
Identifies the location of (oil drilling) platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. All platforms existing in the database are included.

Downloaded from on June 15, 2010. Original metadata are minimal, but included here.

MMS Disclaimer, from This accessible computer data is from a working database which is derived by entering data from documents submitted to the Federal Government from oil companies, other Government Agencies, and/or the public. Some errors may exist in this data and we are constantly working to find and eliminate them. Copies of the original documents are available for your inspection and copying at our Public Information Office. This computer data is not intended as a legal document and should not be constructed as such. This data is not for navigational use. If you discover problems with this data, please advise and we will address this in our priority schedule to correct our data. Please mail to: to report such discrepancies.
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US Department of Interior,Minerals Management Service Gulf of Mexico Region
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Title: Gulf of Mexico Oil Drilling Platforms
Credits: US Department of Interior,Minerals Management Service Gulf of Mexico Region
Publication Date: Unknown
Publisher: US Department of Interior, Minerals Management Service Gulf of Mexico Region
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Conservation Biology Institute
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This information is in the public domain.
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