Pacific Lamprey Nature Serve Rankings

Aug 11, 2014 (Last modified May 14, 2019)
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See the documents “Pacific Lamprey Entosphenus tridentatus Assessment 2018” ( for complete information. These data were the results of the assessment and were used to create the maps found in the documents.

NatureServe and its member programs and collaborators use a suite of factors to assess the extinction or extirpation (regional extinction) risk of plants, animals, and ecosystems (or “elements” of biodiversity). By researching and recording information on a set of factors, biologists can assign a conservation rank to these elements at both global and regional (i.e., national/subnational) scales. The protocol for assigning a conservation rank is based on scoring an element against ten conservation factors, which are grouped into three categories based on the characteristic of the factor: rarity, trends, and threats. We chose this approach to rank the relative risk of Pacific Lamprey for various watersheds, given the lack of demographic information available across the range. Information for all ten conservation factors is not required to assign a rank. We used a modified suite of factors (seven) to assess the relative risk ranking of Pacific Lamprey by watershed throughout its range.

The service definition file contains the previous assessment and current assessment rankings. The zip file contains a geodatabase and layer files which are all for the 2017 rankings (which go with the 2018 Assessment document).

The service definition file (sd file) has to be extracted with a program like 7-Zip in order to see the contents.
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