Why Wildlife Corridors? Outreach Brochure

Oct 29, 2018 (Last modified Mar 15, 2019)
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This is a printable, two-sided, trifold brochure created as part of the Mayacamas to Berryessa Connectivity Network (M2B). The purpose of this brochure it so provide a summary of key stewardship and policy messages that emphasize the value of habitat corridors for wildlife and landscape resilience, water security, and scenic value. At a broad level, the recommendations in our outreach brochure include using wildlife friendly fencing, maintaining natural vegetation and habitats in undeveloped areas and along creeks, keeping pets indoors and eliminating wildlife attractants, using best management practices to minimize risks to livestock, and minimizing night lighting and unnecessary noise. The outreach materials contain standardized terminology for partners of the connectivity network to use and customize as needed. These messages may be integrated into print, digital, and in-person engagement of critical individual and institutional partners. By effectively engaging the community of private and public land managers, parcel by parcel, we will build momentum and adoption of an enduring habitat corridor stewardship strategy.
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