Mayacamas to Berryessa (M2B) Corridor Report: Heart of M2B

Mar 8, 2019 (Last modified Mar 15, 2019)
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The goals of this report are to identify a parcel-scale priority linkage network through the heart of the Mayacamas to Berryessa (M2B) region centered on Mount Saint Helena and spanning the Mayacamas to Berryessa ranges, assess the potential climate adaptation benefits of enhancing the potential linkages, quantify conservation benefits unique to the sites, identify critical land management partners, and articulate potential next steps for linkage protection via habitat corridor conservation strategies to be implemented at the parcel scale. This report utilizes scientific data and local land management expertise to define a linkage network connecting the Mayacamas Mountain and the Berryessa Coast Range. We quantify the climate adaptation benefits of habitat corridor protection and enhancement. These results build on advances in habitat, threat, and climate mapping at the regional scale to help identify and classify specific land parcels key to habitat connectivity. This report shows how regional connectivity assessments can be used to characterize this linkage network. It also provides a process that practitioners can apply to future sites of interest.
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