BatAMP -- Acoustic Monitoring Portal

May 13, 2013 (Last modified Nov 4, 2014)
Created by Ted Weller
BatAMP -- Acoustic Monitoring Portal
Featured by Tara Starr Marvin


The objective of this group is to better understand migratory movements of bats and seasonal activity (especially winter) throughout North America. 

The Bat Acoustic Monitoring Portal (Bat AMP) provides a place where users can  archive and visualize datasets generated from any type of acoustic detector or species identification process.  The goal is to combine a large number of datasets so both prominent and more subtle patterns in the data can be explored.

Tools are provided to instantly generate plots of activity patterns, by species, from individual datasets and aggregates of multiple datasets.  More importantly patterns of species occurrence are mapped and can be animated over time to observe changes in distribution over time (e.g., seasonal changes).

When datasets are shared within the group, they are automatically linked so that users can visualize patterns of species occurrence over large spatial extents (e.g. regionally)  and various time scales (e.g. seasonally, annually).

To learn more or begin uploading data, please contact Ted Weller:
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