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Oct 15, 2015 (Last modified Oct 26, 2015)
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This map presents version 8 of the environmental conservation values logic model as part of the Least Conflict Solar Project in the San Joaquin Valley, CA. It is intended for high-level planning purposes, and does not represent parcel level evaluations. The layers shown in this map represent a snapshot of environmental conservation value within the greater San Joaquin Valley, and should be understood as non-binding, non-regulatory, and should be used only for high level planning purposes.

Based on the best available current data, least conflict areas were identified through this model to show regions that are likely to have lower resource quality and lower environmental conservation conflicts. Least conflict areas identified do not represent areas of no conflict, or areas that have no environmental value.  As new information is gathered within this region of California, this model should be updated to reflect those new data. Finally, normal siting processes and procedures, which take into account specific values that may be present on a particular site, remain in place.
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