Current, Planned, & Prioritized Conservation in Puerto Rico

Jul 28, 2017
Created by Rachel Greene
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This map depicts Puerto Rico's current protected terrestrial and marine resources (Natural Protected Areas), areas targeted for conservation acquisition and easements by 2033 (Map-33 PRCT), and conservation priority areas designated by Puerto Rico's DNER (Puerto Rico Conservation Priority Areas). Many Conservation Priority Areas in the Karst region (northwestern Puerto Rico) are now in conservation (either fee or easement). Much of the Conservation Priority Areas in southern Puerto Rico have not been conserved yet and are not included in Para La Naturaleza's (Puerto Rico's Conservation Trust) Map-33 plans.
Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Para La Naturaleza
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Rachel Greene
Research Associate with Mississippi State University

My background is in assessing how desired ecological conditions and maintenance of biodiversity might be achieved in managed pine forests of the southeastern Coastal Plain. I am currently working at Mississippi State University to map current and future protected forests in the Southeast.