Sum - Conservation and Watershed Interests (2016)

Nov 10, 2016 (Last modified Mar 31, 2017)
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Includes all values from "Sum - Conservation Focus Areas (2016)" as well as the number of implementation interests or priorities summed at the HU-8 level (Sum - Watershed Implementation Interests (2016)). Conservation focus areas include both those delineated at the state scale (e.g. Wildlife Action Plans) as well as regionally; compiled from state, federal, and NGO sources. Watershed implementation interests represent areas identified as a focus for investment to improve either water quality or aquatic habitat. Data was compiled from state, federal, regional, and non-governmental organizations including, but not limited to USDA-NRCS, USEPA, USFWS, Fish Habitat Partnerships, Gulf Hypoxia Task Force, and State Nutrient Reduction Strategies.  Some HUC-12 priority watersheds were included as well, but coded to the HUC-8 level. Data from the Mississippi River Basin Initiative, National Water Quality Initiative and State Nutrient Reduction Strategies were updated in 2016.
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Sr. Environmental Associate The Conservation Fund