Midwest Grasslands Network

Aug 5, 2015 (Last modified Sep 7, 2016)
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Midwest Grasslands Network
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The Migratory Bird Program of the US Fish and Wildlife Service is leading an effort to create a network of grassland landscapes in the Midwest to promote implementation of state and regional conservation plans. The Midwest Grasslands Network generates spatial information, strategic guidance, and cross-sector collaborations that uphold the many ecological and societal values of native, restored, and working grasslands. 

The purpose of this Data Basin group is to gather, develop, and disseminate spatial information that promotes coordinated grassland conservation in the eastern Prairie Potholes, Upper Mississippi River / Great Lakes, and Central Hardwoods ecoregions. Our Conservation Atlas for Midwest Grasslands serves information about priority wildlife species, ecosystem services, and conservation opportunities in order to guide decisions at multiple spatial scales. Atlas data can be used for: gap analysis, conservation design, and project ranking for grants, easements, purchases, and landowner incentives. 
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